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Here's all my fanfiction so far, save a couple of anonfics.

For One Piece, I've gathered them into shorter gen fics (under 1000 words), longer gen fics, and shippy fics regardless of length (though most are quite brief). Pairings with two fics or more get its own subsection, while the other shippy fics are collected under "Other pairings". The gen fics are in chronological order within each section, except for some chaos fills and my longest fic by far which are at the bottom. The shippy fics are in alphabetical order.

Note: It's not always easy to determine if something is gen or shippy. I've decided to largely err on the side of gen here for most iffy cases, but please note what the brief description says for those that have possible pairing subtext.
Unrequited feelings - or fics where you don't know for sure if it's mutual or not - still go under the pairing in question.

The non-One Piece fics are so few that I haven't made any kind of internal ordering.

The links here mostly go to Livejournal entries, but I also have reposted most of them to ffnet and to Archive of Our Own (AO3) as well. My ffnet account can be found here and my AO3 page here.

If you see any error here, I'd be very grateful if you point it out to me.

Drabbles, ficlets and shortfics under 1000 words. Plus some verse. Largely chronological in descending order with the oldest at the top, though I put some chaos thread entries last. (Also, some rewritten/reposted stories will wind up looking 'newer' than they really are for practical reasons.)

The Thought of Giving Up Usopp, G, angst

Up Luffy, G

I Don't Want Anything Nami, G (or PG for implied violence)

Now or Never Zoro, G (Skypiea)

The Gap Between Sanji, G

Won't Stop Chopper & Zoro, G; angst

Too Kind Sanji & Usopp; possibly Sanji/Usopp but might also be gen. G, angst

Building Blocks Robin, G, angst

Carry That Weight Luffy, G, angst

Getting Down Chopper, G

Taking Second Chances Franky, possibly Franky->Robin, PG for language (Sea Train)

Regarding First Impressions, or, The Usefulness of Masks Usopp & Franky, G, some angst

The Story Is The Story Chopper, G

Desolation Zoro & Usopp, G, poetry; wangst

East Blue Sonnets Usopp, Zoro, Sanji & Nami, poetry, gen

The Sweetest Sound Vivi, G

Recognition Luffy (& Usopp), G. Backstory speculation, turned out to be Jossed.

Can't Let Go Zoro, G

Appreciation Robin & Usopp, gen or faint touch of Robin/Usopp, G

Castle Aisa, G

Stowaway Robin, G

Loophole Sogeking, G

And the Walls Come Tumbling Down Robin, G

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Sister Nami & Nojiko, G

Old Shadows Originally intended as Franky/Robin but turned out more gen. G

Entrusted Franky, Nami, Zoro, Brook & Luffy, G

Even So Usopp, G; wangst

Turning Point Iceburg (& Nami, and it's about Robin), G

Inner Hearth Chopper, G

Repairs and Replacements Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Chopper, Franky & Brook; G

Remembrance Unnamed characters from Chopper's island, G

Stepping In Bellemere, G

Funeral Pyre Robin, G

Everything Must Change Nami & Robin, G

Heartbeat Luffy-centric, w/Sabo & Ace. Angst, G or PG (for sadness)

Bubbles Caimie-centric, G

Footholds Sanji-centric; slightly Sanji->Nami but probably more gen than het

Get Out While You Still Can Sabo-centric, PG, angst

Seeking What Was Lost Robin, G

True Direction Zoro, G, poetry

One Hour Left To Breathe some people important to the Strawhats' pasts, PG-13 (for violence & implied death), canon angst

What Now? Ace, G (or PG for implied violence). Divergence AU.

* chirp chirp* Strawhats, G. Pretty random.

Disarmed Robin & Nami, h/c, possibly slightly shippy?. G. 983 words.

A Gift To Pay Forward Chopper, G, some canon angst

Introduction. Garp + Ace, G.

Holiday shortfic I Usopp + child-OC, G, future-fic with mention of Usopp/Kaya.

Holiday ficlet II Nami, Usopp, Robin. G, cracky and Christmassy.

The Trouble With Musicians (Holiday shortfic III) Brook, Nami, Robin. G.

Soot. Dadan + Makino, PG for dark event from canon.

Opening Chords. Brook, G.

Roll The Dice. Paulie, G.

Indebted. Usopp, Zoro, and an old debt of honour. G.

Resonance. Zoro and Sandai Kitetsu, G.

The Hero's Cape. Usopp and the colour red. G.

Like A Second Skin. Kaku-centric, G.

Comes With The Territory. Sabo meets Garp, G.

Old Karma, Newkama. Bon Clay-centric, post-Impel Down. G.

Red, White Chopper-centric, G. Timeskip training.

Fires Robin-centric, G. Leaving Enies Lobby.

Definitions. Makino reflecting on Luffy and fearlessness. Spoilers for chapter 614. G.

La fleur du mal. Luffy still remembers events of Movie 6. Angst. G.

Negative. Usopp-centric what-if wangst. G.

A slew of ficlets inspired by icons, here: three for One Piece, one for Yotsuba&.

Chaos threads (links posted with the respective hosts' permission):

prompt: Where are you? Norland. Angst, G or PG (mention of dead bodies).

prompt: Brown Miss Goldenweek, Paula (Miss Doublefinger), Miss Valentine. G.

prompt: Oops Unwise OC pirates + Laboon. G.

prompt: Disguise Luffy & Usopp silliness, Oyabun Luffy/Edo filler AU. G.

Longer gen fics, that is to say over 1000 words, whether oneshots or divided into chapters.

Bringing Him In Luffy (plus Usopp, Zoro and Nami). G, drama

A Quiet Walk in the Noonday Heat Zoro, G + PG, see individual chapter
Chapter 1 G
Chapter 2 G
Chapter 3 G
Chapter 4 PG for language
Chapter 5 maybe mild PG for language, violence
Epilogue G

Bagatelles Brook, Robin & Usopp. G
Part One: B minor
Part Two: F Major

Under Coloured Lanterns Paulie & Usopp, PG. This was tricky to classify - it has mentions/hints of various pairings but the action within the fic is just Paulie and Usopp hanging out. (See top of fic for the pairings referred to.)

Un-named Sailor Moon fusion crack with Coby & Helmeppo G.

Now We Are Six Strawhats, G
Part I
Part II
Part III (PG för language)
Part IV (Pg for language)

Campfire Embers Ace & Usopp, more gen than not, G. (Extremely Jossed - please note date when it was written)

Tow Line Zoro & Usopp, gen or pairing (can be seen either way); G, angst, H/C

Trying So Hard Zoro, gen, G or PG due to dark tone; angst

Company Usopp (& Luffy), gen, G

Glad We Had This Talk Sanji & Usopp, G

The Young Man and the Sea: an Origin StoryUsopp & Luffy, G. LJ version found here.

Imprints Garp, Ace and Luffy, G. Fairly Jossed.

Because She Feels Like It Dr. Kureha & various, G

Opening the Box Sanji & Usopp, angst; PG for language
Part One
Part Two

East Blue Lullaby Vivi, Usopp, Nami, G

Fugitives Brook, gen, PG. Angst.

Autumn Rain, With Noodles. Strawhats, G. 1,038 words. Fluff.

One Last Time. Going Merry, G. 1, 018 words.

On the Hunt, Robin + Zoro, G.

Where We Are Now. Sanji + Usopp, G. Post-timeskip.

Fanboys. Coby and Helmeppo, post-Marineford, G.

A Solid Place To Stand. The meaning and dangers of trust, giving it and receiving it. Usopp and Robin, two loosely connected parts. G. Introspective.

Major angst, some dark tones, and character death before Chapter 1 starts. A grief-fic. Strawhats, no pairings (ratings reflect language and mentions of death, etc). As it has 14 chapters, some of which are split up in 2 or 3 parts for posting, I'm just linking to the separate overview post.

Pairing fics start here. Pairings with more than one fic get their own section, the rest are gathered under "Other Pairings" further down.


Sparks Ace/Usopp
First shot G
Second shot G
Third shot G
Fourth shot PG or a mild PG-13

Be For Real Ace/Usopp, divergence AU, PG, same continuity as "Sparks".


A Walk In The Rain Franky/Robin, G or mildly PG (prompt: Cliché).

Contemplation Franky/Robin, PG, poetry

Variations On A Theme Light Franky/Robin, G.
Part 1 & 2
Part 3 & 4

Franky: It's Complicated :D
Superfluous Necessities Franky; possibly Franky->Usopp with mention of Franky->Robin. PG for language


Faith Luffy/Usopp, PG or faint PG-13

Holiday Germs Luffy/Usopp, mild PG

Lock On! Or Maybe Not Luffy/Usopp, PG

Not Allowed Luffy/Usopp, PG, post-Water 7/Enies Lobby angst

Steady Luffy/Usopp, G

Still There Luffy/Usopp, G, fluff

Tangible Luffy/Usopp, G or mild PG

The Title Luffy/Usopp, PG


Again, Like This, Together. Light Nami/Usopp, post-timeskip, G.

Finding Our Bearings Nami/Usopp, PG

In the Beginning Nami/Usopp, PG, fluff

The Prize Nami/Usopp, G, also fluff

The Nearness of You. iPod meme ficlet. Mildly Nami/Usopp, Usopp/Kaya. G.


Brown Envelopes Kohza, G. Kohza->Vivi; possibly Nami/Vivi.

Remuneration. Nami/Vivi, PG-13 or a light PG-15.


Caught in the Rain. Sanji/Usopp, PG-13.

Sanji/Usopp, but perhaps also Sanji->Nami and Usopp->Luffy (if that's a fair way of describing it); PG or PG-13, introspective & plotless


17 haiku - Well, not all of them might be called haiku(s) proper, but they're in the format, anyway. Zoro/Usopp, poetry, mostly G but light PG for a few.

Contact Zoro/Usopp, PG.

Holding the Air Usopp/Zoro; Zoro->Luffy, Usopp -> Luffy; PG

Nervously Usopp/Zoro, PG-13 or PG-15

Spring Fever Usopp/Zoro, PG-13

Tub And Bucket. Zoro/Usopp, light PG, pre-timeskip fluff.


Shade and Sweet Water Vivi/Kohza, G.

prompt: Sunlight Vivi/Kohza + (platonic - maybe) Vivi/Strawhats. G.

Other pairings

I'm Watching You Franky->Usopp, possibly Sanji->Usopp, G

Refuge Gaimon/Daz Bones (yes!), G

Lady and the Carpenter Paulie/Secret, G, romance.

Erratic Equilibrium Luffy/Nami/Usopp; PG-13.

Saviour Coby/Helmeppo, G or light PG

Sabaody Blues. Hachi/Caimie, h/c, 299 words. PG for dark themes.

Primary Partner Iceburg/Franky, PG-13.

Evasion. Nami/Robin, PG.

In Your Eyes. Yasopp/Banchina, mild PG.

To Nami Sanji->Nami, G; poetry

Take My Hand. Robin/Usopp, PG.

Ranma fics was my door into fanfiction way back when, and that’s what I started out writing, too. For some odd reason I wrote poetry in the voice of the characters long before I managed to complete any postable prose works.

Nerima Haiku Collection, or, 22 Takes On The Rain Various characters, gen, G, poetry - note, currently locked to f-list

Mousse and Shampoo: A Ballade Mousse->Shampoo, Shampoo->Ranma. G, poetry - note, currently locked to f-list

Daydreams Ryoga->Akane, G, poetry

Leave, Then Come BackRanma, Ranma/Akane, G, poetry

Ballade: A Simple Wish Ranma, G, poetry

Chinese Poems Chinese characters, canon affections, G; poetry

We’ll See light Ranma/Akane, G

The P-chan Letters Mid-part is a letterfic, book-ended by a prequel and sequel. Ryoga, Akane & Akari; Ryoga/Akari (background Ranma/Akane).G or mild PG for angst.

Into The Mountain Ranma & Ryoga, gen, G

Shiver Ranma/Akane, G.

From a commentfic meme originally: prompt: Being True To You Ukyo/Akane, G.

Fullmetal Alchemist
If We Can Go On. Marcoh & Scar, gen, G.

Temptation of Clarity. Scar & Marcoh, gen, G (again!). Also on Tumblr and on AO3.

Maison Ikkoku:
Walking From Chachamaru
Kyoko, Kyoko/Godai, poetry, G

Nana Rinbu Revolution. iPod meme ficlet with Revolutionary Girl Utena references and spoilers. Nana & Hachi, gen, G.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Wakaba & Utena, gen, G. 1, 073 words

Only the last ficlet of this post (also linked to above)

Ranma 1/2/Fruits Basket
prompt: Training together. Kyo and Ryoga, gen, G. Crossover commentfic.

You can easily find most of my fan art through tags, but I'll post a few links here primarily for my own convenience, mostly of stuff that's only been posted outside the journal.

One Piece/Sailor Moon fusion
The Inner Sailor Senshi plus "Luna"
The Outers
New Attack: Luffy
New Attack: Sanji
Tuxedo Mask

Luffy/Usopp genderswitch art (PG for kissing)

Carrying Luffy
A story suite in fourteen pics divided in five posts, rather fuzzy on set-up and details. Luffy & Usopp, action/drama, G
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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