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Made a rec list of One Piece fics for my own convenience, though I'm afraid there's still plenty of good fics not on it. More on this behind the cut.

If you see anything off about this - if I fouled up a link, or you think the summary doesn't fit the fic (esp. if you wrote the fic), please let me know! Note: This will be continually updated.

While initially I said, "only finished fics, no WIPs", I haven't entirely stuck to that. So now I've amended my policy to include stuff that might not be complete as a whole, but where each part can still stand on its own (such as themed collections of ficlets). Truly incomplete fics are still off the list (though I will say that otherwise this fic would most definitely be here, and so would one or two more fics by [profile] hsiuism a.k.a thermopylae).

There should also be no f-locked fics (which alas excludes several more personal favourites): if some have sneaked through anyway, please let me know!

I haven't included fics for pairings that aren't my thing, for the simple reason that since I don't read them, I wouldn't know which are good! Okay, with the exception of one single story which sneaked into the gen section.

Personal bias of course much in evidence, or there wouldn't be so many Usopp fics. (Even though I still left out some of those that I really like, which can be found on the earlier Water 7-themed list linked to below.)

MPAA-style ratings (i.e. from G to NC-17) given when provided by the writer.

I want to point out that I'm quite fond of and have enjoyed many more One Piece fics than this... but I had to stop somewhere. I have no doubt that I'll kick myself later for having left out some great stuff, though. But this remains something to be tinkered with in the future.

In some ways I've been forced to forego my bias: despite the fact that the use of untranslated "nakama" in a fic is a decided pet peeve of mine, lots of the entries below still use it. They were just too good, I had to list them along with the others!

Gen fics:

Finished longer fics:

Tiger Hunt by [personal profile] xparrot, my favourite multi-chapter fic in this fandom. Action, drama, angst, suspense, and character exploration. Now finished at 24 chapter. Can also be found at ffnet here.

'Til You Feel It All Around You by [profile] tonko_ni; de-aging with trauma, angst, fluff, drama and cuteness. PG-13 for swearing. AO3 link is here, ffnet here. My favourite non-chaptered longfic.

Asteria Nightmare by [profile] velkynkarma: Thrilling action/adventure story in 20 chapters with the whole crew, skilfully told from Nami's POV. Mysterious island with a secret that turns out to be extremely dangerous.

Cold Dish by [profile] maldoror_gw PG-13. Dark revenge action story that turns a little less dark eventually.

Final Betrayal by [profile] astrokender - OK, this is actually Zoro/Luffy so it might not count as gen. But there's little conventional romance content and the rest of the crew is also very much involved in this story of angst and drama. (In general, this pairing is not really for me, but even I thought this story was great.)

Sansen Sekai by lily22. Both canon and multiple AU. Adventure with a focus on Zoro and Robin

Native Son by [profile] bluewalk. PG-13, Sanji-centric. Angst, drama. Sanji's self-sacrifice issues.

Finished shorter genfics:

Sabotage PG. Water 7 angst ficlet by [personal profile] xparrot, Usopp's POV

On The Figurehead G. More Water 7 angst by [personal profile] xparrot, this one Luffy-centric

note: for more recs centred on Water 7 and Usopp, see this list also made by me (though this includes a few more of the fics on this list, notably two Luffy/Usopp ones - in the end, it just felt weird not to have more Water 7 fics for that pairing!)

One Piece 300 Drabbles I by [personal profile] naye. A set of five ficlets originally written for Author's summary: "Snarking in the desert; thoughts on home; gulls, flamingos and Strawhats; we are pirates; a lost navigator."

One Piece 300 Drabbles II by [personal profile] naye. A second set of five ficlets. Author's summary: "In a place where no shadows fall; hoping against hope; the nuisance that is family; reliance on friends; beginning."

A Dearer Spot Than All The Rest by [personal profile] tonko. Usopp & Luffy fluff, inspired by an icon.

Adaptive Avoidance by [personal profile] tonko. PG. Author's summary: "In the wild, animals hide evidence of pain, in order to avoid appearing to be easy prey. So does Robin." Hurt/comfort.

Adroit by AngelDormais. Sometimes Sanji catches Luffy staring at his hands. Post-timeskip, touches on canon angst, heartwarming. Also available here.

Another Romantic Dawn by thermopylae: Modern world AU set in New York City. Despite lots of angst, Luffy-hope wins out in the end. Note: This does have some Sanji/Nami and Zoro/Nami, but the emphasis is on the ensemble (original five members).

Bridging the Gap by thewordweaves. Quoting the writer, "Two years later, the Strawhats have changed. Pieces focusing mainly on two members of the crew at a time to reflect on their changes and their interactions, though some pieces will focus only on one character at a time." Prologue + 8 short fics.

Bugs by [personal profile] roseveare. G. Luffy the Entomologist.

Christmas Shoes by nocturneequine a.k.a night-mare-chan. Modern AU backstory, with Sanji, Usopp and Zeff; hardscrabble and moving.

Conversation by [personal profile] shayera. Ficlet with Ace and Jimbei. Author's summary: "In Impel Down, there are few topics of conversation that won't hurt."

Cracked by thewordweaves Brook angst, PG-13

The Darkest Shadow by [profile] fire_tears. Post-deathfic, silent mourning of a Strawhat from the perspective of the replacement.

Dream by [personal profile] shayera. From a chaos thread. Luffy angst; spoilers up to chapter 588

Dustkittens by [personal profile] chibi_trillian. Author's rating and summary: "Rated Rish for some language and ass-ogling. Sanji loses something vitally important to his everyday life under the stove. Unfortunately, he can't remember the last time he cleaned under there."

Final Meeting by [personal profile] roseveare, PG-13. Luffy and Coby, the last time they meet.

Fitting Back In by [personal profile] tonko. Usopp and Sanji after Usopp's rejoined the crew.

A Fortress For This One Night by [personal profile] naye G. Luffy-focused angst-comfort-fluff, post-Sabaody crew re-union

four in a box by [profile] bluewalk. Sanji, his first four crewmates, and treasures.

The Going Rate of Pirates by [personal profile] xparrot. Nami and Vivi talk soon after Vivi has come aboard, still unused to the Straw Hats.

Granted by [profile] tonko_ni: G. Zoro and Luffy and general togetherness. I adore this one so much.

grey thinking by irrelevant. What-if AU where Rouge doesn't die. Heartwarming wishful thinking.

Grit Your Teeth by [personal profile] orange_smaug. G. Usopp has an angsty fever dream in the form of a fairy tale or myth

the heart breaks but broken live on by akurosa. Snippets from the whole crew (except Luffy) during the timeskip, all of them thinking about their captain. Angst.

H-E-L-L-O by night-mare-chan. Another fic about Usopp's backstory. Both his parents are in it. Made me cry. G.

Hold Me by [personal profile] magharabi: Robincentric ficlet from a Chaos Thread set during Movie Z - which I haven't seen yet, but I still couldn't resist reccing this! Arguably mildly Franky/Robin.

Invasive Measures by [profile] tonko_ni. R for language and description of surgery. Author's summary: "Zoro is very strong. Anaesthetics don't work very well." Hurt/comfort.

It Isn't Love by Lonicera Japonica. Zoro-centric ficlet. Great swordsmen do not fall in love.

Labyrinthine Interlude by [profile] maldoror_gw. Humour in which Luffy has to navigate a maze while his crewmates are hostage captives. PG-13 for language.

Lavendar's Blue: A Sleepy Little Village on the Edge of East Blue by thermopylae. Snapshot from Usopp's childhood: introspectice flavour. Part of a suite of independent stories set to Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

Layers by [profile] tonko_ni PG. H/c, Chopper + Zoro friendship. Author's summary: "Industrial-strength glue doesn't belong in reindeer fur. Getting rid of it is more difficult than Zoro expected, but not for the reasons he thought."

Legacy by [personal profile] roseveare, PG-13. Deathfic. Author's summary: "Zoro is dead, and Luffy struggles to decide the fate of his swords."

Legends by [personal profile] shayera. Ace has grown up under a shadow he can't outrun. Angst ficlet.

Lies by [personal profile] shayera. Author's summary: "Usopp talks to himself. Takes place at the end of the Thriller Bark arc." Character study.

The List by luova tauko. Sanji has a secret list. Angst, 2nd person POV.

Mature by [personal profile] xparrot. Sanji admires Robin's maturity.

Me and You and You and Me by nocturneequuis (Night-Mare-Chan on ffnet). Usopp-Zoro bodyswitch in the midst of battle. Action and humour.

Memories of the Dead and Memories of the Dead II by [personal profile] oroburos69, both from a chaos thread. The first is a Nami-centric ficlet, the other an Usopp one: both are thoughtful and lovely.

Nakama by D_Willims. Well-written collection of shortfics about the Strawhats that seems to still be added to. Note: A few of the "chapters" (i.e. separate pieces) aren't gen, though.

the parchment curls up in places by Mind of the Childishly Naive. Nami's charts are perfect. Nami-centric, fluff.

Parodies of the One Piece Kind by thermopylae - 17 short parody and crack pieces; I'm particularly fond of "Five Little Pirates"

Players by roseveare. The Strawhats play cards. Lovely ficlet from Luffy's POV.

The Quietest Wish by thermopylae. 1st POV as told by Nojiko, directed towards Nami. Wistful and lovely.

Rain by [profile] ptps. Luffy + Usopp + Chopper hanging out when it's raining. Lovely and quiet. G.

The Sea and the Sun by Mind of the Childishly Naive. A day at the beach; Luffy wishes he could go swimming. Luffy + Usopp friendship shortfic.

Sea Stone Dreams by [personal profile] we_are: Smoker-centric ficlet from a chaos thread, spoilers up through Punk Hazard.

See You Up There Some Day by [profile] hsiuism. Usopp, Nami and giants: a great little character study in 100 words. Love the final line.

Shiver by [personal profile] naye. G, post-Marineford crew reunion; subdued sadness + fluff.

show your mettle by [profile] bluewalk. Sanji and suits. Angsty, but read on until the end.

small gods by [profile] bluewalk. Raki-centric backstory, pre-Strawhats arrival in Skypiea. Admittedly I'm biased - this was written for me - but I think it's very well-done. Can also be found here.

small heroics by [profile] bluewalk. Hurt/comfort with Sanji and Chopper.

Smoke on the Water by [personal profile] xparrot. Smoker's two debts to pirates. Pre-canon backstory speculation plus Alabasta arc.

Some Fantastic by [personal profile] chibi_trillian G. Usopp and storytelling, fluff.

Sometimes by [profile] ptps. A brief touch of Luffy-angst with Usopp-comfort from Chopper's POV. G

Steps by [personal profile] oroburos69. Shanks isn't happy, Ben knows he's got a problem.

Storyteller by thewordweaves, G. On Usopp and his storytelling over the years, expanding on his backstory.

Sunrise by [personal profile] naye G. Author's summary: "Tranquility and excitement. Their first dawn on the Grand Line."

Taking Turns With The Washing Up by [personal profile] tiamatschild PG ensemble fic. Everyone except Sanji helps out with the washing up.

A Tale of Masks by [personal profile] roseveare. Luffy and Sogeking talk, post-Enies Lobby - actually fills in a gap in canon very smoothly, I thought; serious and hearttugging with very believable characterisation. Rated PG. (Also available at ffnet here.)

Thaw by [profile] ptps. Short. Chopper angst that ends with Luffy's and Usopp's help. PG.

this is the price that has been paid in full by akurosa. Shortfic collection that's still being added to. Quoting the author, it's "about the small things, the little parts of each other that have changed and the straw hat crew has to get used to because two years is a long time to spend apart."

Through Storm And Sunshine by [personal profile] orange_smaug G. Thousand Sunny and Going Merry. Fluff.

The Time Between Two Years by Anonymous. Collects two pieces so far about timeskip happenings in the crew (Zoro loses his eye, Luffy's determined to learn haki).

Tradition by [personal profile] naye. Rayleigh-centric, with Shakky. The anniversary of Roger's Death. Grief.

The Travels of Lucky Luffy by [personal profile] hibem. Excellent fairy tale AU crack

Under A Different Moon by [personal profile] naye An AU of an AU: a Kuina who's alive meets Portgas D. Une (= always-a-girl-Ace).

Vows for the Missing by apronfeud. What if Nami left the crew? Angsty ficlet, Zoro POV.

Wake-Up Call by [personal profile] xparrot. Luffy, Zoro, and a close call.

Waldo Has Nothing On Sanji by [personal profile] chibi_trillian. PG-13. Sanji is sneaky and devious. Told by Usopp in terse (and very funny) diary entries. :D

Watch Your Back by [profile] velkynkarma. Zoro and Usopp get separated from the others and are attacked by tough, angry islanders.

What Dreams May Come by Night_Mare_Chan. Another Luffy-centric fluffy ficlet - I have a real weakness for them. Brief but still evocative and quite lovely.

Winter Games by [personal profile] chibi_trillian. Snowball fight! Pre-Water 7 fluff.

Pairing fics

All ratings included. Not always romantic pairings in the stricter sense. Pairing names listed in alphabetic order.


Fire Lizard Flight by [profile] tonko_ni, NC-17. One of several fics set in the same Pern-esque AU: I like and recommend them all, but perhaps this one the most. The post contains links to the other fics in the heading.

the memoirs of a pirate by [personal profile] torch. Ace reminisces about old times in his cell, to Jimbei. Short and actually funny!

Smoke and Fire by [personal profile] chibi_trillian, PG. On the origin of logia devil fruits and how it pertains to this pairing, told as folklore.

a year of forgotten dreams by torch. Post-Marineford. Dreamy, sad, strange (in a good way!) and beautifully written. Rated "Mature" on AO3.


Half-Cocked by [profile] sans_pertinence. Brief but very neat little ficlet: Helmeppo gets fed up by Coby's idealism, or so he tells himself.

Saved And Earned. NC-17. Author's summary: "Integrity is a hard road, but Helmeppo is learning"


Cojones by [personal profile] dethorats, PG.13. Ficlet for the prompt "Beginnings". Franky's not sure how it all really started.

Interests And Intentions by thermopylae. Franky finds it hard to talk to Robin. G.

A Little Assurance by Night_Mare_Chan. Post-timeskip, a moment of intimacy; Robin thinking about cybernetics. PG-13 or thereabouts

when the warm air comes by [profile] bluewalk. Seven prompts from Frobin Week on tumblr; set all over the timeline from Water 7 to post-timeskip. G. (Also available here.)


Mentor by [profile] runic_binary. Some things are much harder to ask, even of your mentors. PG.

Weathervane by [profile] reclariant. This one's more Paulie->Iceburg ("pre-slashy" according to the writer). Post-Enies Lobby life for Paulie, rated PG for language. Optimistic.


can you come down with us by [profile] bluewalk. Could just as well have been put in the gen section; it's one of those Shippiness Is In The Eye Of The Beholder fics, I think. In any case, a strong piece of character exploration from a very well-done Luffy POV.

Menu by thermopylae. Luffy, Nami and tangerines. This is short and simple, but I really like it and its view of the pairing.


Reconciliation by [personal profile] chibi_trillian PG-13. Post-Enies Lobby but written before the real crew reunion took place in canon


1sentence challenge by [profile] ptps. Fifty one-sentences, rated from G to PG-13.

Believe Me When I Say by [personal profile] dethorats (also on the Water 7 rec list). Usopp's POV, angsty. See "Mind Cage" below for the companion piece from Luffy's POV.

Careful by [profile] night_mare_chan. Rated PG. Brief ficlet. Luffy isn't the careful sort: should Usopp worry?

First Kisses by [profile] ptps. PG-15. Author's summary: "They're never perfect. But they can get better".

Foolish by [personal profile] chibi_trillian PG-15. Author's summary: "Usopp thinks too goddamn much".

Grip by [profile] aqua_karen. PG, set after Enies Lobby. Usopp knows there were other options for him, but he's made his choice.

Like Clockwork by [profile] sans_pertinence, PG. Luffy, Usopp and a mechanical duck. Fluff.

Map of the Heart and the Future by [profile] ptps. PG-13. Thirty 100-word drabbles, best read in chronological order: the last ten form a 1,000-word shortfic, read together.

Mind Cage by [personal profile] dethorats. Luffy's POV at Enies Lobby at around chapter 427.

The Ocean by [personal profile] admiralnaismith, PG. Brief ficlet. The ocean does strange things to a man's mind.

Off-Center by [personal profile] chibi_trillian, G, shortfic. Brief post-reunion fic, wounds still there.

Raven and the Sea by [personal profile] chibi_trillian, G, shortfic. Author's summary: "Light Luffy/Usopp. Water 7, meet folklore."

Reasonable Fears by [personal profile] chibi_trillian, G, ficlet. Water 7-themed, not very overtly shippy.

Underneath by [profile] ptps. G. Tranquil Luffy and thoughtful Usopp.

Merryshipping (Luffy/Zoro/Nami/Usopp/Sanji)

Five's Bad Company by Guardian 1. Author's summary: "It's indecently hard to get privacy on this ship. Luckily, nobody wants it. Nobody ships like Nami ships".

Merryship 50 by Lonicera Japonica. Author's summary: "Fifty sentences of piratical polyamory".


Tradition by [personal profile] prpl_pen. Rated PG-13/R by the author. Mistletoes and overly strong rum cakes.


Again, Another Romantic Dawn up in the gen section does have Sanji/Nami, although the emphasis is not on that (despite being from Sanji's POV). Modern AU. (Also has a little Zoro/Nami.)

Safe Harbour by [profile] tonko_ni, NC-17. Part of the Vampire Sanji AU (see more under "Strange Bedfellows" (Sanji/Zoro)).

Warmth by thermopylae. Subdued, with the intimacy of trust.


The Art of Getting What You Want by tFantasyFan. Sanji/Nami/Usopp, rated T (maybe PG-13?). Author's summary: "Nami is the master of figuring things out. It all goes her way from there."


The Lies That Bind by Guardian1. Fifty onesentence challenge for this pairing, with perhaps just a hint of Merryshipping as well.

Something Worth Saving by Loniceraa Japonica. Brief ficlet, set after Arlong Park.

Turnabout Is Not Fair Play by [profile] spiderflower. Hard R. Replete with Water 7 angst.


Correspondence by [personal profile] dethorats, R. The letters they write each other, and how they receive them.

Feverous by [personal profile] salmon_pink, NC-17. Quote: "Because Nami can never give in to anyone, and Vivi is a perfect Princess, and only here are they allowed their secret weakness."


Because by [personal profile] xparrot. Author's summary: "Zoro asks, and Nami doesn't answer".


All Very Romantic by tFantasyFan. Author's summary: "The first consideration and the first acknowledgment of the desire. Kissing, Sanji-style."

Ashes NC-17 and That Other First Time: both NC-17 and part of a Vampire Sanji AU. Also listed further below under "Strange Bedfellows" (Sanji/Zoro) which starts the AU suite.

Happy by Lonicera Japonica. Author's summary: "It takes a lot to make Sanji really laugh."

In Good Hands by tonko. Hurt/comfort: Sanji gets a massage, and gets lucky.

Music Box by [personal profile] midnightdiddle. (PG-13, Sanji/Usopp) Two castaway pirates start going nuts. Set early on in the canon (before Chopper joins).

Sanji/Usopp/Zoro (Red Shirt Trio)

Pathetic Excuse For a Flirt, Really, But At Least He Smells Good by [profile] runic_binary Short and funny to the prompt "vanilla".

Yes, He Could by [profile] plotbunny_tiff R. Getting Zoro to truly unwind is no mean feat.


Like Steel For Chocolate by [profile] maldoror_gw Zoro/Sanji, 6 chapters incl. prologue and epilogue. Rating is up to light R but not for all chapters. Also has Luffy/Usopp and a surprise pairing.

Strange Bedfellows by [profile] tonko_ni NC-17. Complete AU in a fantasy world of a folkloreish tinge (Sanji's a half-vampire, Zoro is a half-demon vampire-hunter, Usopp is part kobbold, Ace is a fire imp, etc.)
- Ashes Prequel to "Strange Bedfellows with more h/c. Sanji/Usopp, NC-17, angst.
- That Other First Time Another prequel to "Strange Bedfellows", set even earlier, also NC-17 and featuring Sanji/Usopp.
- Safe Harbour Sequel to "Strange Bedfellows". (NC-17, Sanji/Nami.)


Bandages by [personal profile] dethorats. Water 7 angst.

100 % Cotton by [personal profile] xparrot. Light-hearted ficlet wherein Usopp does his laundry duty as he seems fit. (Very lightly shippy; I almost put it in the gen section.)

Ara-to by [personal profile] chibi_trillian. G. First part of trilogy. Post-Water 7/Enies Lobby. Author's summary: "A damaged blade must feel the touch of a rough stone if it is ever to cut cleanly again."
- Naka-to PG. Second part of same trilogy.
- Shiage-to PG-13. Third part of the trilogy.

Fidelius by [profile] saiyako, R. Zoro doesn't talk about this.

The Near Divide. Big fic of over 68,000 words, this takes place in a daemon AU and is very hurt/comfort; Robin/Brook is the secondary pairing.

Strictly Speaking by [profile] sherrymarie, PG. Quiet moment in a confined space; the artist's view of things.

What He Can Do by [personal profile] dethorats, PG-15 for heavy implications. Set after Thriller Bark and before Sabaody. Contains angst, with Usopp worrying about Zoro's injuries and reflecting on the past.

Unnamed fic by [personal profile] dethorats. R (w/bondage). Author's summary: "Zoro discovers Usopp's secret stash of suggestive drawings".

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Ooooh, thanks for posting this. There were a couple of recs here that I haven't read yet!


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