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I saw a prompt online saying "Write 100 words of huddling for warmth", and while 'pure' 100-word drabbles are hard for me to do, I decided to join in. Not so much as making a real story, just writing 100 words and then stopping.

Then I sent it to [personal profile] tonko, and she replied back with 100 words of huddling for warmth on her own. Mine had been intended as shippy, (Luffy/Usopp), hers was gen, with Zoro and Chopper and also Sanji to the rescue.

I replied with Ace/Smoker, and she with Paulie/Kaya. And by that point I knew I wanted to post them. Tonko gave her permission, so here they are!

Now - I might just write more on this theme and if so I'll post it as a comment. But I'd also like to say that it's utterly cool if anyone else should want to join in with this fun little exercise in the comments!! I only ask you to please use spoiler warnings if you use new characters or events from the current One Piece manga arc. Other canons are welcome too, of course.



Usopp shivered as he pressed closer to Luffy, who felt even colder than he was. It always felt unnatural when that happened, though he guessed it was the rubber's fault. Still. Luffy was supposed to be warm.

He'd have liked to yell at him for dumb recklessness, but his teeth were chattering and so he just squeezed Luffy's shoulder closer. Luffy squeezed back, coughing, then finally looked at him properly and smiling, just a bit. Usopp swallowed.

"R-right," he managed to get out. "I-I guess I'll get a fire going." His hands were shaking, but somehow he knew he'd succeed.



The light felt blinding when Sanji's kick knocked over the frozen snowdrift that blocked the front of the little cave. Zoro blinked slowly, turning his face away from the glare.

"Shitty assholes--oi," Sanji's greeting became concern, and Zoro tried
to grumble, but the noise was muffled by reindeer fur. "No fire? Is
he--? Here."

Chopper unwrapped himself from around Zoro, cloth rustled, and Zoro's
arms were helped into a coat that pulled across the shoulders. A
thermos with steam rising was put in his hands. Zoro drank, watching
the cook start a fire as Chopper hugged him close again.



After the avalanche, Smoker turned into very cold smoke: shivering, blue-faced, and much weaker than usual.

Still, Ace had expected at least token resistance as he hauled him to his feet, put one arm across his shoulders and urged him forward. Instead Smoker only gave him a long, thoughtful look, then put his own arm over Ace’s shoulders silently.

They set off across the white fields.

A powerful slap startled Ace; he realised he'd fallen asleep.

Smoker looked grimly satisfied.

"Figured as much. You keep me warm until civilisation, and I'll keep you awake. Deal?"

Ace laughed. "That a promise?"



Kaya sat quite still and tried not to let her smile break into even
the smallest (fondest) laugh as she felt Paulie's arm haltingly extend
and then settle across her back. It was heavy and warm even through
her layers against the cold of this winter island. She ducked into her
scarf and tilted her head only enough to peek. His cheeks were
scarlet, breath visible in too-quick puffs of white. His eyes twitched
to hers--caught!--and widened.

She lifted her chin past her scarf and smiled.

He grew, somehow, redder. She reached up and pulled his mouth to hers.


Extra One Piece

Date: 2017-04-27 09:40 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tonko
Nami shivered as she stood. The desert night was beautiful, stars like smoke and diamonds on black cloth, but it was also near freezing.

Usopp thumped to the ground by a nestled-down Carue, giving a colossal yawn and poking at the fire as he waved her on to bed.

She slipped into the tent, shedding sandals and most of the robes and sliding into the pile of blankets with a sigh. Vivi rolled towards her, gathering Nami's icy hands and tucking them up under her chin without even fully rousing. Nami nestled in, kissed a soft cheek, and closed her eyes.

Date: 2017-04-29 05:04 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tonko
(Dragon Age!)

Dorian came to with a pounding head and the burn of cold all around. Sera was slumped over him, blood covering half her face. He'd been pulled across her lap.

Past her he saw overcast sky beyond the two narrow cliff faces that enclosed this narrow crevasse.

Lifting his head blackened his vision again. He couldn't move. Not himself, nor her. So, inward. He found the fire, breathed heat into the space between them. It guttered with the pulse of his skull, but didn't fail. Couldn't. Mustn't. For seconds. Minutes.


Night shrouded the sky.

Finally, torchlight overhead. "THEY'RE HERE!!"


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