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Cold Dish by [profile] maldoror_gw is a darkish fic showing the crew struck by loss, trying to recuperate and plotting for revenge. Rated PG-13 for language and violence. A two-parter, link goes to part 1; there's a direct link to part 2 at the end. Stark and tense, all in Sanji's POV, but with a lot of emotions all the same.

I'll quote from the Author's Notes:"(...)Consider it an alternate timeline where it wasn't Garp who showed up on Water 7 after Enies Lobby had been won...

This fic is grimmer than I usually write 'em, though it won't be obvious why until a quarter of the way through. That being said, before you wonder why I didn't put more warnings on this...remember the First Rule of One Piece!
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I’ve long tried to write something about the Luffy-Usopp fight in Water 7 from Luffy’s point of view and have found it rather hard to do. If Luffy’s thought processes can be tricky enough at normal times, they are even more so when it comes to this – I really don’t find it easy to guess at his state of mind back then. Moreover, it feels extra important to get right.

I’m still not too sure how close I’ve gotten this time, but I’ve decided to post it even so. At least I think it’s better than my earlier draft attempts. Constructive criticism on this would be VERY welcome, believe you me.

Title: Carry That Weight
Word Count: 459
Spoilers/setting: After chapter 333 through the first pages of chapter 334 (stopping right before Nami bursts out the news about the assassin attempt on Iceburg)
Flavour: Luffy angst of the Usoppian variety. (Sorry!)
Rating: G, worksafe.

Shape up and be stronger )

Edit: Changed the title.
Edit 2: Rewrote some of it.


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