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Only now do I learn that Keiji Nakazawa, creator of the Barefoot Gen manga, passed away on December 19.

This was not only the first manga I ever read but one of the first comics period that showed me the comics medium can tackle really serious issue. Although many manga I've read since have been more sophisticated in storytelling and art, Barefoot Gen - all ten volumes of it - retains for me a primal power and immediacy that makes it among my absolute top manga still. And the long interview with Nakazawa published in The Comics Journal # 256 was fascinating. He was a passionate and very cool guy that deserves truckload of respect and remembrance - and to keep being read for a long time yet.

(More of my thoughts on Barefoot Gen here.)
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B is a Big Letter for me, with two titles I put very high up on my list of Seriously Good Stuff. But also two other titles I've found consistently impressive manga, plus one quite enjoyable collection of short stories.

Barefoot Gen )

Blade of the Immortal )

Un bouquet de fleurs rouges )

A Bride's Story )

Buddha )

Any additional B recs?


Jan. 28th, 2010 02:58 pm
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Can't believe this. I just got teary-eyed looking at the damn cover of the last volume of Last Gasp's edition of Barefoot Gen into English.

I already own that volume in French. But I'll probably feel compelled to buy it anyway, even though it's among the weakest books in the series. Just based on that cover alone. *sigh* Such a sucker.

ETA: that cover will say nothing if you haven't read any of the books, and even if you have done so and understand it, I wouldn't expect anyone to do more than nod in recognition. No clue why I got so emotional./edit


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