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For [personal profile] tonko. One year late. I AM VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT... but hey, but now it is your birthday again! I hope you will like it. ♥♥♥

Betaed by the terrific [personal profile] thewordweaves. Any remaining errors are my fault and responsibility alone. Nitpicks and other suggestions for improvement are very welcome!

Title: Caught in the Rain
Characters/Pairing: Sanji/Usopp
Rating: PG-13 I KINDA REALLY WANTED IT TO GO HIGHER BUT... in the end this is how it turned out.
Word Count: Around 7,000
Spoilers/setting: This is set post-timeskip but fairly vague. No spoilers beyond Fishman Island. In terms of characterisation, I do take post-timeskip in account to a certain extent, but the bulk of it is based on pre-timeskip, as I feel their characters were more consistent and well-rounded then.
Summary: During an excursion to a new island, the rain forces Usopp and Sanji to stay in place and try to make a fire. Sanji has to deal with feelings he's suppressed for a long time.

Disclaimer: The characters of One Piece belong to their creator Eiichiro Oda. They are used here without permission. This fanfic is not intended and may not be used for profit in any way. Please do not repost this elsewhere without the writer's approval.

[Note: Apologies for culinary implausibility in terms of cooking time for a campfire stew. Perhaps Sanji is just that good.]
Trapped by no track of hours, for they hanged suspended )
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It was my birthday yesterday - the 3rd, that is - and [ profile] dethorats wrote me a lovely shortfic set back in East Blue, featuring Usopp and Luffy and Zoro. :D :D \o/Check it out if you're in the mood for nice, mellow fluff. What a great surprise.


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