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I saw a prompt online saying "Write 100 words of huddling for warmth", and while 'pure' 100-word drabbles are hard for me to do, I decided to join in. Not so much as making a real story, just writing 100 words and then stopping.

Then I sent it to [personal profile] tonko, and she replied back with 100 words of huddling for warmth on her own. Mine had been intended as shippy, (Luffy/Usopp), hers was gen, with Zoro and Chopper and also Sanji to the rescue.

I replied with Ace/Smoker, and she with Paulie/Kaya. And by that point I knew I wanted to post them. Tonko gave her permission, so here they are!

Now - I might just write more on this theme and if so I'll post it as a comment. But I'd also like to say that it's utterly cool if anyone else should want to join in with this fun little exercise in the comments!! I only ask you to please use spoiler warnings if you use new characters or events from the current One Piece manga arc. Other canons are welcome too, of course.

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Trying to figure out what Chopper's age might roughly be in calendar years - not "reindeer years" - has made me conclude that either Zoan fruits in general or Chopper's fruit in particular must affect aging in rather odd ways.

Think about it.

1. He clearly wasn't yet a grown reindeer when he first met Hiruluk, six calendar years before meeting Luffy et al. But he was big enough to survive on his own and was able to talk and understand Hiruluk much more than a young human child could. His mental age in human terms must have been at least around seven or eight, and quite possibly quite a bit older. (So how long had he actually lived until then? One year? Six months? Two years? WHO KNOWS.)

2. Still, far from full-grown - so why did his near-human form, Heavy Point, look like an abominable Snow Man an adult (if furry) human right from the start??

3. At the same time, his reindeer form seems to age a lot slower than normal. Caveat: Grand Line reindeer might be a lot more longlived than the ones on Earth, but I still doubt it normally takes them 8,5 calendar years or more to reach adulthood. Because post-timeskip Chopper is a lot bigger in Walk Point.

4. Speaking of the time-skip - before it Chopper was 15 years old in "reindeer years", according to Oda. Now two more calendar years have passed. So how old does that make him in reindeer years? 17? 19? 22? WHO KNOWS.


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