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[profile] bluewalk has written and posted a fic to me!! :DD As I remember, I thought of Skypiea when she asked for prompts and particularly Raki, and she gave me a lovely story on Raki's background, and to some extent her whole generation of Shandians: intense, thoughtful stuff.

Sample lines:

Still, it's better not to risk it. Pity is a fast-acting poison, and kindness as well--it blunts your sharp edges, makes you soft. More of her mother's words to swallow, and they settle like stones in her gut.

The story is called small gods and can be found here (Livejournal) and here(AO3)!
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Smoke on the Water by xparrot is a cool Smoker-centric shortfic in two brief chapters. It includes some very intriguing backstory speculation re Smoker's childhood as well as a canon moment in the Alabasta arc.
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Cold Dish by [profile] maldoror_gw is a darkish fic showing the crew struck by loss, trying to recuperate and plotting for revenge. Rated PG-13 for language and violence. A two-parter, link goes to part 1; there's a direct link to part 2 at the end. Stark and tense, all in Sanji's POV, but with a lot of emotions all the same.

I'll quote from the Author's Notes:"(...)Consider it an alternate timeline where it wasn't Garp who showed up on Water 7 after Enies Lobby had been won...

This fic is grimmer than I usually write 'em, though it won't be obvious why until a quarter of the way through. That being said, before you wonder why I didn't put more warnings on this...remember the First Rule of One Piece!
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Foolish by [personal profile] chibi_trillian is a sweet 375-word ficlet, rated PG-15 for implications. Author's summary is "Usopp thinks too goddamn much". Set at an unspecified time, but likely pre-water 7. The prose might be a little purple at the start, but it's a good read all the same in my opinion (this is my favourite couple, though, which might affect my judgment ^_^).

Usopp worried constantly; it was part of his nature. His mind saw situations and immediately started looking for possible dangers, things to flee and hide from. This arrangement wasn’t precisely dangerous, but it wasn’t safe either. His heart said one thing, his head another, and his gut something else entirely.
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Under A Different Moon by [personal profile] naye is an AU of an AU! To quote from the author's notes: "It is a what-if in a what-if - the Une!verse is asking what it would be like if Portgas D. Rouge had had a daughter instead of a son. And here the question was - what if Kuina, not Zoro, was the one to set out in the world, carrying both their legacy?

And what if they met?"

Well, then you get this intriguing fic, drinking sake on a night in East Blue on a floating restaurant...

I just wish there could be more of this continuity!
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Today's fic rec is another fairy tale pastiche/parody, The Travels of Lucky Luffy by [personal profile] hibem. Cracky and wonderful - I actually think all the characters work excellently in their assigned parts, no matter how crazy it gets.

To quote the writer, this is "Worksafe, if somewhat riddled with innuendo".

“Stop!” it said, “Don’t eat me! Let me out of this snare, for I am a fearsome warlock with eight thousand demons at my command, and I could curse you for the rest of your days!”

“Oh-ho-ho!” Luffy laughed, “You surprised me!” But he let the woodpecker go, because talking woodpeckers are too cool to eat.
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This is a long one! 20 chapters and over 150,000 words, Asteria Nightmare by Velkyn Karma is a thrilling action/mystery where the Strawhats go to a forbidden island, only to find they may have bit off more than they can chew. Even to find out who the enemy is and what's happened on the island is a daunting task, never mind figuring out how to win or even survive. A plotheavy genfic that's all told through Nami's POV but which still manages to give all crew members their time to shine - and to keep up the suspense throughout the adventure.

Set post-Thriller Bark and before Sabaody. Rated "T for some language and general...dark creepiness", to quote the author.
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Whoa, totally forgot about making a fic rec last night! (It's morning over here.) It's not like I wasn't on the internet, too. Well, I'll just make one now and one regular tonight. *^_^*

Here's one I read only the other day and really liked in a melancholy way: grey thinking by irrelevant, a what-if AU where Rouge survives. Here, Ace is 9 years old and lives in Fuusha village. Though there is an unavoidable sadness in the tone since we know it's contrafactual, it still feels heartwarming - and just plain interesting to see what's been going on. Well-written, much recommended.
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Today's fic rec is a popular story, deservedly so, for a popular pairing: Like Steel For Chocolate by [profile] maldoror_gw. It's got a prologue, four main chapters and an epilogue; it goes up to light R in rating and takes place after Enies Lobby and before Thriller Bark. Sanji/Zoro is the main pairing - it's all from Sanji's POV - but Luffy/Usopp is a secondary pairing and then there's a third pairing the writer prefers to keep a surprise.

I'll quote from the summary: "Sanji's cooking has reached a whole new level. It's almost uncanny. Especially when his thoughts and emotions somehow get into the mix along with the rest of the ingredients."

This was actually the first fic that made me see the appeal of Sanji and Zoro as a couple. It's never been a pairing I dislike, but I'm also not passionate about it - in general. There are still fics and art with them I adore, and this was the first. Very well-written and IC the whole way through - and it helps that the rest of the crew doesn't get forgotten.
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Largely for my own convenience, I've made a big list of fic recs for One Piece. You can find it here if you're curious: feedback is of course very much welcome.
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It was my birthday yesterday - the 3rd, that is - and [ profile] dethorats wrote me a lovely shortfic set back in East Blue, featuring Usopp and Luffy and Zoro. :D :D \o/Check it out if you're in the mood for nice, mellow fluff. What a great surprise.
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Repost time, again!

Back in February there was a poster on [community profile] one_piece asking for fic recs of Usoppian Water 7 angst, no pairing preferences as long as there was something about the Luffy-Usopp conflict in it. I was one of the commenters who replied. Since I've very much been there, I made a pretty big list, hunting down old and new favourites both.

The other day I thought maybe I could memory that post for my own convenience, but then [personal profile] shayera wrote a new great ficlet on [profile] onepiece_300 fitting the subject, and most likely there'll be more in the future. I can't edit comments, and I don't know if the OP want any more replies this late. So it hit me that I could repost the whole thing - including recs made by others in the thread - on my own LJ instead, making it easy for me to add new links in the future.

And while I realise it's quite gauche to rec your own stuff, I've nevertheless linked to some fics of mine on the subject at the very end. I make no promise with regards to quality, though.

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Fic rec

Sep. 16th, 2008 05:33 pm
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A while ago, I wrote a One Piece fic from Franky's POV called Superfluous Necessities and generally Franky-> Usopp in a vague, confused fashion. This fic inspired [ profile] alice_and_lain to write a very cool companion piece from Usopp's POV, called Inescapable Inessentials, which was posted yesterday.

I really like it and personally I think it works quite well with my old fic, but it stands fine on its own as well. So I wanted to pimp it here. Check it out if you haven't.;)


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