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These two characters continue to haunt me! I don't feel positive yet about this ficlet/shortfic to post it on AO3, so for now I'm posting it on Dreamwidth and Tumblr and hope for feedback. Constructive criticism very happily accepted, from title choice to spelling nitpicks to anything else!

EDIT: I have now changed the title and expanded the fic somewhat. Thanks for the feedback, koraki!

Title: Temptation of Clarity
Word Count (as I post this, may change): 639
Characters: Scar, Marcoh
Spoilers, setting: Chapter 14, page 167. A short character snapshot from a brief but intense moment in canon.

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So this scene (with more pages below the cut) from chapter 62 and volume 16 of Fullmetal Alchemist is a pretty intense one that I haven't seen discussed much. (Regrettably, the Brotherhood anime skipped it favouring a cliffhanger approach.) I wish I had the chops to do a thorough analysis re art details and page and panel composition, but instead I'll just add a few general comments focusing on Scar's part. (I think Marcoh's part is interesting as well, but it's relatively straightforward at this point.) More )
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I actually wrote a Fullmetal Alchemist one-shot. Constructive criticism is very welcome - nitpicks very much included - as is feedback in general.

Title: If We Can Go On
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga)
Characters: Dr Marcoh, Scar
Rating: PG for canon darkness and such
Word Count: 2,631 at the time of posting
Spoilers/setting: Set somewhere between chapters 77 and 78 of the manga (volume 19), looking ahead to some things to come.
Summary: A gen piece featuring Scar and Marcoh, both wondering in quite different ways about what the next step should be and if they're able and allowed to take it.

Disclaimer: The characters and situations of Fullmetal Alchemist were created and are owned by the glorious Hiromu Arakawa. They are used here without permission. This fic is not to be used for profit in any way and should not be reposted elsewhere without the writer's approval.

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Just finished reading through this. I'd already read the ending in scanlations, and was very impressed and moved by it at the time. I still teared up at the climactic bits and at some of the aftermath, but inevitably some of the old tension was gone (though I think a fair bit might return if I re-read the whole series at a later date). And then there was the additional sidestory at the end which I've also read before - and also still adore. Then the funny omakes and then, BAM. Three new pages I hadn't seen.

I sobbed like a baby.

[spoilers in comments!]
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Again, SEVERE SPOILER WARNINGS for the manga ending. Even if you only follow the manga casually, I strongly advise you not to read behind the cut if you haven't read the ending yet. And if you've never intended to read this brilliant series, the entry will make very little sense.

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No cool-headed analysis behind the cut, just reactions as I read the final chapter. Frequently very specific - do not read if you want to avoid spoilers.
Apologies for the typos that probably abound. (too sleepy for edits atm)
Fullmetal Alchemist, chapter 108 )


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