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Made a rec list of One Piece fics for my own convenience, though I'm afraid there's still plenty of good fics not on it. More on this behind the cut.

If you see anything off about this - if I fouled up a link, or you think the summary doesn't fit the fic (esp. if you wrote the fic), please let me know! Note: This will be continually updated.

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Largely for my own convenience, I've made a big list of fic recs for One Piece. You can find it here if you're curious: feedback is of course very much welcome.
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Repost time, again!

Back in February there was a poster on [community profile] one_piece asking for fic recs of Usoppian Water 7 angst, no pairing preferences as long as there was something about the Luffy-Usopp conflict in it. I was one of the commenters who replied. Since I've very much been there, I made a pretty big list, hunting down old and new favourites both.

The other day I thought maybe I could memory that post for my own convenience, but then [personal profile] shayera wrote a new great ficlet on [profile] onepiece_300 fitting the subject, and most likely there'll be more in the future. I can't edit comments, and I don't know if the OP want any more replies this late. So it hit me that I could repost the whole thing - including recs made by others in the thread - on my own LJ instead, making it easy for me to add new links in the future.

And while I realise it's quite gauche to rec your own stuff, I've nevertheless linked to some fics of mine on the subject at the very end. I make no promise with regards to quality, though.

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