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I picked up a fun icons meme from [personal profile] sara_tanaquil! I did this once before, but I wanted to try again - and happily five different icons were picked from the first time.

Meme rules:

1. Reply to this post and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Behind the cut are the ones [personal profile] sara_tanaquil picked for me, with my comments!

a lot of babbling )
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Foolish by [personal profile] chibi_trillian is a sweet 375-word ficlet, rated PG-15 for implications. Author's summary is "Usopp thinks too goddamn much". Set at an unspecified time, but likely pre-water 7. The prose might be a little purple at the start, but it's a good read all the same in my opinion (this is my favourite couple, though, which might affect my judgment ^_^).

Usopp worried constantly; it was part of his nature. His mind saw situations and immediately started looking for possible dangers, things to flee and hide from. This arrangement wasn’t precisely dangerous, but it wasn’t safe either. His heart said one thing, his head another, and his gut something else entirely.
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A few days ago [ profile] tonko_ni posted a very lovely fic called "Granted" which I think everyone should read if they haven't already. Sooo good (sighs).

Reading it put me in mind of a shortfic of mine from awhile back that takes place the same time, in part. It's not nearly half that good but I thought it was OK, until I looked it up and realised I wasn't happy with the beginning and ending lines at all. Thus I felt prompted to make it at least a little less awkward.

I've been kinda hesitant about what to do with this re-write - maybe I should just quietly edit the old entry, as I've done with other minor tweakings and additions. After all, I haven't changed the dialogue, which is still the central part of this. Only the beginning and ending are changed. (And constructive criticism would still be very appreciated.) But it does feel subtly different to me now, not just somewhat tweaked and polished. So, what the hell, I'm making a new post after all.

Title: Still There
Word count: 332
Spoilers/setting: Set the night right after chapter 439
Rating: G, worksafe
Pairing: Luffy/Usopp

This started out as dialogue only )
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The third and last of the Luffy/Usopp fics previously seen on [ profile] dualcaptains on Luffy's birthday. I suppose now I'll actually have to write some new stuff. Or at least return stuff that's been beta'ed in order to get even more beta. (is greedy);D
Constructive criticism is very much welcome here as with other stuff, btw.

Title: Faith
Word Count: 760
Rating: PG, I guess?
Pairing: Luffy/Usopp
Genre: I suppose I’ll have to go with ‘fluff’ for this one
Setting: Any time post-EL
Summary: Always knew it. )
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Another of the Luffy/Usopp fics previously posted to [ profile] dualcaptains
This one’s called The Title, which looks pretty stupid but seems to fit. It’s from Luffy’s POV - hopefully not terribly OOC.

Word Count: 578
Rating: G
Mood: Introspective
Setting/spoilers: Any time after Enies Lobby.
Summary: Luffy and what he can’t mean, and therefore can’t say )
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Am reposting one of three fics that was previously done for [ profile] dualcaptains (the Luffy/Usopp comm) on Luffy's birthday on May 5th (as part of a celebration suggested/organised by[ profile] scribe_protra). If you've read it there already, there's nothing new except perhaps some minor correcting/polishing.

Title: Tangible
Word Count: 1013 or thereabouts
Rating: G or a mild PG
Pairing: Luffy/Usopp, or at least Usopp->Luffy
Setting: After page 1 and some time before page 10 of manga chapter 492; I'm obviously just guessing wildly about the time interval
Summary: Just because it's close enough to touch doesn't mean you shouldn't leave it alone...Or does it?

Might fit in with canon. Does have cannons. )
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I’ve long tried to write something about the Luffy-Usopp fight in Water 7 from Luffy’s point of view and have found it rather hard to do. If Luffy’s thought processes can be tricky enough at normal times, they are even more so when it comes to this – I really don’t find it easy to guess at his state of mind back then. Moreover, it feels extra important to get right.

I’m still not too sure how close I’ve gotten this time, but I’ve decided to post it even so. At least I think it’s better than my earlier draft attempts. Constructive criticism on this would be VERY welcome, believe you me.

Title: Carry That Weight
Word Count: 459
Spoilers/setting: After chapter 333 through the first pages of chapter 334 (stopping right before Nami bursts out the news about the assassin attempt on Iceburg)
Flavour: Luffy angst of the Usoppian variety. (Sorry!)
Rating: G, worksafe.

Shape up and be stronger )

Edit: Changed the title.
Edit 2: Rewrote some of it.


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