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I have a manga recommendation to make - the series Suppli by Mari Okazaki (also romanised as Sapori; the French title is Complément affectif). I mentioned this one in passing when reaching the letter S for my Manga Alphabet last year, but I wanted to finish it before reccing because I knew josei titles can be tricky.

Well, I did finish it now - read the first five volumes in English*, and volume 6 to eleven in French. And I'm happy to say my recommendation still stands! Mind you, it's a manga much given to romance and office stuff, and might not tickle everyone's fancy.

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* Actually four physical volumes, since the English edition squashed vol. 4 and 5 together.
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I could think of no entries for X and I don't have any for Z, either: as with the letter J, I know of titles beginning with those letters, but I haven't read any of them myself. Hence, this will be my final post.

My thanks to everyone who have stucked with me through this! If you have any thoughts about this entry or earlier ones, I'd be delighted to hear them. ♥

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So there we are then - from 20th Century Boys to Yotsuba& (not a shabby pair of book-ends if I may say so), this is my manga alphabet at the moment. What about yours?
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Now I realise that for both my V entries I again only have two titles where I've ordered and read the French translations as none exist in English and my attention span for scanlations suck. At least in this case I do know that scanlations exist for both of them. Though when it comes to Vinland Saga at least, I'm honestly baffled there's no English translation for it.

Still, now I kinda wish I'd read the oft-praised Vagabond so I could offer one rec that's actually out in English in a real print version.

As always, please share your V recs if you have any, and feel like it!

Vacances de Jésus et Bouddha (a.k.a Saint Young Men) )

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What starts with a U in your manga/anime alphabet?
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OK, OK, I know I'm cheating badly with this one. While I did first read this manga under its French title Quartier Lointain, it has since been translated to English as A Distant Neighbourhood, so I should really have covered it under D. (Especially as that's the version I actually own.) But there were plenty of other D titles, and no Q titles at all; besides, I figured that if you can't cheat when it comes to Q, when can you cheat? Also, Quartier Lointain just has a nice ring to it. (If anyone's curious, the original Japanese title is Harukana Machi E.)

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A has quite a few titles, so I'll be more brief this time.

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Akira )

All My Darling Daughters )

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Any other manga recs beginning with A?


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