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I picked up a fun icons meme from [personal profile] sara_tanaquil! I did this once before, but I wanted to try again - and happily five different icons were picked from the first time.

Meme rules:

1. Reply to this post and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Behind the cut are the ones [personal profile] sara_tanaquil picked for me, with my comments!

a lot of babbling )
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Now I realise that for both my V entries I again only have two titles where I've ordered and read the French translations as none exist in English and my attention span for scanlations suck. At least in this case I do know that scanlations exist for both of them. Though when it comes to Vinland Saga at least, I'm honestly baffled there's no English translation for it.

Still, now I kinda wish I'd read the oft-praised Vagabond so I could offer one rec that's actually out in English in a real print version.

As always, please share your V recs if you have any, and feel like it!

Vacances de J├ęsus et Bouddha (a.k.a Saint Young Men) )

Vinland Saga )
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Urusei Yatsura )

Creators )
Favourite characters )

What starts with a U in your manga/anime alphabet?
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Ranma 1/2 )


Rose of Versailles )

Rumic Theater )

Favourite characters )
Anime corner )
These are all the recs I can think of for now! What starts with an R in your manga (and anime) alphabet?
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OK, OK, I know I'm cheating badly with this one. While I did first read this manga under its French title Quartier Lointain, it has since been translated to English as A Distant Neighbourhood, so I should really have covered it under D. (Especially as that's the version I actually own.) But there were plenty of other D titles, and no Q titles at all; besides, I figured that if you can't cheat when it comes to Q, when can you cheat? Also, Quartier Lointain just has a nice ring to it. (If anyone's curious, the original Japanese title is Harukana Machi E.)

Quartier Lointain )
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*weeps* Why are there so many cool manga and anime beginning with this letter? This will take forrrever...

edit: WHOOPS and I still forgot about Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea in the anime corner! to be updated.../edit

Phoenix )

Planetes )

Pluto )

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon )

Princess Knight )

Anime corner )


What are your manga and anime likes for P? Or if you have any additional comments to the specific recs above, I'd love to hear it!
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I have a feeling that if I'd read more than just Volume 1 of Love Roma, it would have ended up here, quirky and fun as I found it. Sadly I decided to read that volume about four years too late, and so far I haven't been able to find more from anyplace that would ship them easily.

The Legend of Mother Sarah )

Lone Wolf and Cub )

Anime corner )

What are your L favourites?
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Here we go with H! Art school students, ghostly go players, and a samurai with a social phobia - great letter! Do you have any more recs beginning with an H?

At first I intended to include Yoshiharu Tsune's L'homme sans talents (French translation) here, but on second thought I'll abstain from that. I really like Tsune's quiet, poetic storytelling, and the art wroks well for me too. But it's all so unrelentingly bleak I don't think I can recommend it as a manga I enjoyed.

Hikaru no Go )

Honey and Clover )

House of Five Leaves )

Creators )
Favourite characters )

Anime corner )
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I've only got one manga entry for G... does anyone want to add more? (I've heard some good things about Glass Mask for instance, but I haven't read a thing of it myself.)

Genshiken )

Anime corner )

Whew, the anime entries are supposed to be quite brief, but I guess they ballooned a bit this time!
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B is a Big Letter for me, with two titles I put very high up on my list of Seriously Good Stuff. But also two other titles I've found consistently impressive manga, plus one quite enjoyable collection of short stories.

Barefoot Gen )

Blade of the Immortal )

Un bouquet de fleurs rouges )

A Bride's Story )

Buddha )

Any additional B recs?
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A has quite a few titles, so I'll be more brief this time.

Adolf )

Akira )

All My Darling Daughters )

Aomanjuskogen )
Astro Boy )

Azumanga Daioh! )
Creators )

Favourite characters )
Anime corner )
Any other manga recs beginning with A?
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I haven't been around all that much on my journal lately, and I thought it might be cool sometimes to talk about all the manga I like that I'm not hideously fannish about. The excuse I could think of was to copy erstwhile manga blogger David Welsh (who I would love to see start blogging again; he's got great taste and have led me to discover several cool gems) and make it into an alphabet. Unlike the "30 Days Of [X]" format, this wouldn't necessarily entail posting every day, just whenever I felt like listing a new letter.

Way I thought I'd do it is for every letter, I'll list one or more manga titles that begin with it (in translation, which is how I read my manga after all) which I have enjoyed reading, and say a few lines or more about the manga in question. Now, this might not contain pure praise; I might well express reservations and problems I had with the work, too. But I won't bring anything up just to attack it; so any title I mention should be taken as an implicit rec on at least some level. If all I can think of for a given letter is a manga that just didn't work for me, I'll just jump to the next one.

Besides the manga titles, I might also list other things more in passing that begins with the letter if I feel like it, like names of creators, perhaps a genre, or even a trope. Finally I could put an "Anime Corner" at the bottom for anime series where I don't know the manga (if the manga exists).

I'm pretty sure I won't be able to list something for every single letter. At least two seem impossible, and one more I have big doubts about ^_^.

Of course comments are much appreciated, whether to add views on the ones I list or to mention additional titles of the same letter that you have read.

I'll begin right away, not with A but with numbers!
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Meme again! Forgot where I found it.

1. Put your iPod or mp3 on shuffle.
2. Write down and post the first 10 songs you get, and also the opening line to each song.
3. Name what character each song or opening line reminds you of.
[This might be tough!]
4. Finally, write at least 2 brief ficlets inspired by some of these songs or opening lines.
[Okay, I actually added this last one because I want an excuse to write unpretentiously and semi-spontaneously. Though, um, I don't think I will write them all in one sitting!]

Results behind the cut )

Okay, that's it for the answers - the ficlets (which took two/three days to write despite being quite simple - fast, I am still not! - are posted as comments below. Spoilers for Nana and Revolutionary Girl Utena.
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So! I got tagged - or rather, asked to be tagged - by [ profile] scribe_protra a week or so back (*checks* uh, actually it was New Year's Eve - I'm even slower than I thought!) for a writing meme! This one is connected to user pics.

This is how the meme goes officially, though as you see below I didn't follow all of it:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and write a drabble about (each of) the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Beside the icon glee, I think - though I could have this all wrong - that the point is to write something brief and fast without taking it too seriously. Unfortunately, I normally fail at brevity and quickness, so that failed, even though I cheated and asked [ profile] scribe_protra to only pick four of my icons rather than six. And I wound up way over 100-word length for all of them - though I did hold on to the "not taking it too seriously" part. Anyway, it was still fun to do, and I'd love to pass it on in case anyone's interested.

If you do want to do this, please ask how many icons I should pick - since I only had four, I can hardly demand anyone else must write six!

Concrit is welcome as always - this is just for fun, but it's always good to get tips on wording, correction on typoes etc!

here we go )


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