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Reposting something (with slight revising) that I put on Tumblr yesterday - about why I am still so darn fond of the fight between Usopp and Perona in Thriller Bark.

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Comments very welcome!
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I posted a rambling Plurk about this yesterday, then thought it would be cool to hear my f-list's thoughts about this, too, should anyone be interested in sharing.

I was having some vague thoughts about common fan speculations about the future of One Piece, and that led to thinking about how Oda tends to write child characters, and that led to more general ponderings about how a "true pirate" should act according to Luffy. (And probably also according to Shanks, Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard and perhaps other non-evil pirates in the story.)

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Not too long ago, I stumbled upon [personal profile] sara_tanaquil's big One Piece re-read as it started out. She's doing the manga one volume at a time, with volume 21 the most recent as I write. Fun and excellent stuff, much recommended. Can most easily be followed through this tag. She welcomes new input from other One Piece fans!

(Note, though, that there's a spoiler policy in place, since not everyone who reads it have caught up with the manga. For every post on a given volume, remarks on stuff found in later volumes should be covered behind an LJ spoiler tag.)
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Trying to figure out what Chopper's age might roughly be in calendar years - not "reindeer years" - has made me conclude that either Zoan fruits in general or Chopper's fruit in particular must affect aging in rather odd ways.

Think about it.

1. He clearly wasn't yet a grown reindeer when he first met Hiruluk, six calendar years before meeting Luffy et al. But he was big enough to survive on his own and was able to talk and understand Hiruluk much more than a young human child could. His mental age in human terms must have been at least around seven or eight, and quite possibly quite a bit older. (So how long had he actually lived until then? One year? Six months? Two years? WHO KNOWS.)

2. Still, far from full-grown - so why did his near-human form, Heavy Point, look like an abominable Snow Man an adult (if furry) human right from the start??

3. At the same time, his reindeer form seems to age a lot slower than normal. Caveat: Grand Line reindeer might be a lot more longlived than the ones on Earth, but I still doubt it normally takes them 8,5 calendar years or more to reach adulthood. Because post-timeskip Chopper is a lot bigger in Walk Point.

4. Speaking of the time-skip - before it Chopper was 15 years old in "reindeer years", according to Oda. Now two more calendar years have passed. So how old does that make him in reindeer years? 17? 19? 22? WHO KNOWS.
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Continuing the FB re-read. Up to somewhere in volume 19 right now. As before, plenty of spoilers behind the cut, including what I remember of later volumes as well.

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I'm in the process of re-reading Fruits Basket from the start. I wish I had the skill and energy to make a full, coherent essay-like on it, but unfortunately all I can muster are some disjointed remarks. Warning for spoilers for the whole manga (I'm only up to volume 13, but since it's a re-read, I'll mention some things we won't find out until later. Avoid this post if you haven't finished the manga!)

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Without having intended to I found myself re-reading the first few pages of One Piece, chapter 584 - and damnit, I had forgotten how much page 4 makes my heart ache. for the nth time, damn you Oda.

Which reminds me that I wanted to babble again a little bit about the chapters 583-589, although I daresay I'll likely repeat myself a lot.

(This post is f-locked merely because it contains a scanlation link, btw. Otherwise I have no problem with being quoted etc elsewhere.)

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(Double post with one entry here on the journal as well as on [ profile] one_piece, because the quote was so interesting I felt like saying it twice. ;)

*points to subject line* So says Oda in the third part (of six) of his discussion/joint interview with Takehiko "Vagabond" Inoue, which took place in the spring of 2009. Like the two other parts already transcribed and posted, it's pretty interesting. Can be read here.
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I've got some disjointed thoughts on the latest three chapters of One Piece.

First, I want to say that while I was very interested and intrigued by chapters 583 and 584, I also had some problems with them. I wholly enjoyed #585, though. I'm dividing them up with under separate cuts so readers who want to avoid negativity (or positivity??;p) can do so more easily.

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EDIT: *facepalm* ...way to mix up the chapter numbers with those a hundred chapters back, self. Corrected to 583-585. *>_<*
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Some mutual beta chit-chat between me and [ profile] tonko_ni led us to wonder what exactly the Strawhats know about each other's pasts, as far as what the manga shows us. I looked up manga volumes at home to refresh my memory, but no doubt I've missed some pertinent panels. I'm posting what I've got below the cut in case anyone's interested. Corrections and additions would be great, as well as other comments of course. I'm leaving out Brook for now since I was too lazy to go through scanlations.

Edit: Changed the entry about Luffy - I re-read volume 45 and it turns out Franky and Zoro know more than I remembered.

Edit II as of June, 2010: More Luffy changes due to my re-reading of volume 52 and finding something I'd missed.

Also, spoilers up to and including chapter 551, now! (with un-spoilery reference to chapters 583-589!)

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