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Hello, Dreamwidth, my old friend!

For a long while now I've been amusing myself with thinking up a world set on a different planet, one with very long seasons, where people go through migrations in the spring and autumn and where their living patterns are very different in winter and summer. I haven't really bothered justifying the why of a lot of it. Much of the basic is heavily inspired by a short story by Ursula K Le Guin (which in turn seemed inspired by the lifestyle of migrating birds, although not being an ornithologist I wouldn't be able to say for sure). But some of the basics and much of the added things is just me.

I've wanted to set a long, maybe novel-length, original story in this world, but I've been very bad at coming up with a strong plot. And to be honest even the characters I think up seem awfully humdrum so far. So mostly it's just worldbuilding for the sheer fun of it, complete with conlanging detours even.

Anyway! Some weeks ago I was thinking of how people in this world might explain to themselves where the origins of some of their customs come from - I love reading creation myths and just-so-stories - and then I got the idea for this story. I think it's pretty self-contained.

The title I came up with is The Oldest Chant.

Wintry myth )


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