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Someone prompted me in an anonymous space to write about Garp and young Ace, Luffy or Sabo. I wrote this shortfic from Sabo's POV and then couldn't think of a title. De-anoning and reposting it here now anyway. (The only ones I can think of are things like "Into the Bargain" (sounds not entirely gen, somehow) and "I've Inherited *What*?!") Edit: Okay, got a title now.

Title: Comes With The Territory
Word count: around 850
Spoilers/setting: Set during the time shown in chapter 585
Characters: Sabo, Garp, Ace, Luffy
Rating: G
Concrit: Most welcome

Disclaimer: These characters and their world belong to their creator Eiichiro Oda. They are used here without permission for entertainment purposes only. This fic is not to be used for profit in any way and should not be reposted elsewhere without the writer's approval.

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Without having intended to I found myself re-reading the first few pages of One Piece, chapter 584 - and damnit, I had forgotten how much page 4 makes my heart ache. for the nth time, damn you Oda.

Which reminds me that I wanted to babble again a little bit about the chapters 583-589, although I daresay I'll likely repeat myself a lot.

(This post is f-locked merely because it contains a scanlation link, btw. Otherwise I have no problem with being quoted etc elsewhere.)

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I've got some disjointed thoughts on the latest three chapters of One Piece.

First, I want to say that while I was very interested and intrigued by chapters 583 and 584, I also had some problems with them. I wholly enjoyed #585, though. I'm dividing them up with under separate cuts so readers who want to avoid negativity (or positivity??;p) can do so more easily.

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EDIT: *facepalm* ...way to mix up the chapter numbers with those a hundred chapters back, self. Corrected to 583-585. *>_<*


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