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Repost from [ profile] lady_karasu's now-ongoing chaos thread, tidied up a bit. Concrit very much welcome.

Title: One Last Time
Word Count: 1018 or thereabouts
Rating: G
Character: Going Merry
Prompt: Loyalty

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Happy Birthday, Luffy!

Today is Luffy's birthday! I've got two pics, such as they are. (I wanted to draw something inspired by a fic-in-progress I'm betaing for [ profile] tonko_ni, but couldn't manage it, alas.)

The first one is a semi-angsty pic set in Water 7 during the days when the crew is waiting for the ship to be built and Luffy stays in all day in case Usopp comes around. (Crossposted to [ profile] dualcaptains.)

This pic has been long in coming as it gave me more trouble than usual, leading me to ask for advice from two pic betas, [ profile] horusguard76 and [ profile] wendytigges. Thanks awfully! <33 If it's turned out at all decent, it's due to their help - however, it's not their fault if it hasn't, as I'm posting my last version unseen.

Waiting for Usopp )

Second pic is with Luffy, Chopper, Usopp and Nami on a flying carpet. It really should have been coloured and with more detail, but there wasn't enough time...

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Repost time, again!

Back in February there was a poster on [community profile] one_piece asking for fic recs of Usoppian Water 7 angst, no pairing preferences as long as there was something about the Luffy-Usopp conflict in it. I was one of the commenters who replied. Since I've very much been there, I made a pretty big list, hunting down old and new favourites both.

The other day I thought maybe I could memory that post for my own convenience, but then [personal profile] shayera wrote a new great ficlet on [profile] onepiece_300 fitting the subject, and most likely there'll be more in the future. I can't edit comments, and I don't know if the OP want any more replies this late. So it hit me that I could repost the whole thing - including recs made by others in the thread - on my own LJ instead, making it easy for me to add new links in the future.

And while I realise it's quite gauche to rec your own stuff, I've nevertheless linked to some fics of mine on the subject at the very end. I make no promise with regards to quality, though.

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I’ve long tried to write something about the Luffy-Usopp fight in Water 7 from Luffy’s point of view and have found it rather hard to do. If Luffy’s thought processes can be tricky enough at normal times, they are even more so when it comes to this – I really don’t find it easy to guess at his state of mind back then. Moreover, it feels extra important to get right.

I’m still not too sure how close I’ve gotten this time, but I’ve decided to post it even so. At least I think it’s better than my earlier draft attempts. Constructive criticism on this would be VERY welcome, believe you me.

Title: Carry That Weight
Word Count: 459
Spoilers/setting: After chapter 333 through the first pages of chapter 334 (stopping right before Nami bursts out the news about the assassin attempt on Iceburg)
Flavour: Luffy angst of the Usoppian variety. (Sorry!)
Rating: G, worksafe.

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Edit: Changed the title.
Edit 2: Rewrote some of it.


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